Massive Interactive Revolution, Inc (“Massive Gaming”) is a new and innovative Online Game Publisher in the Philippines.

The main thrust and focus of the company is on the players. We go beyond the customary marketing strategies and implementation processes that have been used in the past, reaching the market via avenues that are truly significant to them.

Our Team brings in both ingenuity and creativity which allows us to go beyond the boundaries of a traditional game publisher.

Being young and dynamic, our mission is to provide games that are relevant and enjoyable, while forming habits that are recurring.



Our vision is to become one of the leading online game publishers in the Philippines, with highly invested and competent personnel who are committed to develop ideas and strategies that are best suited to reach different markets of the region and provide high quality service to the market.



Our mission is to maintain an organization that fosters creativity, ingenuity and innovation that can go beyond customary marketing strategies in order to provide top notch games and become truly connected with the needs and wants of the market .

We aim to empower the gamers, and elevate their gaming experience.